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If you’re currently sourcing something fun to do for your stay-indoor life as I am, here I can offer an idea - free download colour sheet of my work “Social Theme Park”. Print it out and you can start enjoy the fun of coloring! I’m happy to see your beautiful outcome and can tag me on your photo or story, I will leave a message to you when find your amazing works : )


免費下載作品「社交主題樂園」的著色紙,讓您與家人&小朋友一起享受平靜的兩小時協力塗色時間,下載線稿圖檔後印出在A4大小的紙上後,即可動手著色,用平板上色也可。歡迎完成後於貼文或動態上標註分享 : )

Social Theme Park · Colour at Home 1 · FREE

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