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YiJie Chen (陳依婕) 是名獲得國際獎項肯定的台灣自由職業插畫師,合作客戶包括英國Bloomsbury出版社、香港ZtoryTeller、中國夢多多等。她於蘇格蘭的愛丁堡藝術學院取得藝術插畫碩⼠。她的風格是集寫實、日系漫畫線條、超現實元素於一體的融合。她享受創造充滿對比性的圖像,靜謐⽽細緻豐富、理性⽽情感強烈。





2023  美國插畫比賽 American Illustration 42 優勝

2022  台灣dPi設計插畫誌大賞 銅賞

2022  英國世界插畫大獎 World Illustration Award 初選

2022  美國插畫比賽 American Illustration 41 優勝

2021  歐洲 iJungle插畫獎優選獎

2021  美國3x3國際插畫年鑑 No.18 榮譽提名


2021 文藝復興基金會 x ZtoryTeller前StoryTeller說故事) 海報主視覺- 女流節展覽「自己的房間」,香港中環


2023  台灣桃園2Gather藝起吧「相遇不在他方聯展

2023 ZtoryTeller​真美的房間」虛擬藝廊,香港歌手Serrini呈現

2022 台灣高雄承億酒店STAART亞洲插畫藝術博覽會

2022 香港上環 WeWork New Street藝廊, ZtoryTeller日出的聲音」限定書店與聯展

2021 台灣松山文創園區台北插畫藝術節

2021 台灣駁二藝術特區高雄設計節—插畫力場聯展

2021 中國上海新泰倉庫OMNI ART EXPO全球藝術設計聯展

2020  台灣​台北鬧空間 NOW space眾生.重生四人聯展

2020  蘇格蘭愛丁堡藝術學院插畫聯展(線上)

2020  蘇格蘭法國協會 La Nuit Des Idées - Being Alive

2019  蘇格蘭愛丁堡Filmhouse Theatre義大利電影節海報展

2018  蘇格蘭愛丁堡Filmhouse Theatre法國電影節海報展




YiJie Chen

YiJie Chen (陳依婕) is an award winning freelance illustrator from Taiwan. Her clients include Bloomsbury Publishing UK, ZtoryTeller Hong Kong, Mondodo China.


Her alias is "EJ" - a simple way to pronounce her name. YiJie graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland, with a MFA in Illustration. Her style gathers an evocative tone of realism, manga linework, and surrealism together. She enjoys making images with a juxtaposition of tranquility and richness, rationality and emotion. The figures in her works often stay still at a gazed moment, which maximize the narration power through serenity.


Instead of digging in art education early, YiJie gained a bachelor degree of French Language. After several years of work, including marketing one of her unfavoured products- surveillance camera in a tech company; serving one of her favourite snacks- macha tea (and) ice-cream in a over 100-years-old specialty tea shop in Osaka Japan. She made the twist of her life in 2018 - went to Scotland to pursue art after she realized an illustrator with soul was the role she desired to fit in most.


As a late bloomer with open mind, her works suit wide range of topics advantageously, and show capability in diverse application such as editorial illustration, commercial illustration, film poster and so on.




Award and recognition: 

2023 American Illustration 42 Chosen Winner

2022 dPi Magazine Illustration Award Bronze

2022 World Illustration Awards Longlisted

2022 American Illustration 41 Chosen Winner

2021 iJungle Illustration Awards Merit Award

2021 3x3 International Illustration Annual Pro Show No.18 Honorable Mention


2021 Special cooperation for exhibition by Renaissance Foundation x ZtoryTeller  -

Gurl Festival "A Room of Her Own" poster key visual, Central Hong Kong


2023  2Gather Art Space "Here is Where We Meet" group exhibition, Taiwan

2023  "The Room of True Love" Virtual Gallery by ZtoryTeller/ Presented by Hong Kong singer Serrini

2022  Kaohsiung TAI Urban Resort STAART Illustration Art Fair, Taiwan

2022  WeWork Street Gallery "Sound of Sunrise" limited book shop & group exhibition by ZtoryTeller, Hong Kong

2021  Songshan Cultural Park, Taipei Illustration Fair, Taiwan

2021  Pier-2 Art Center, "Make the Positive Field with You" group exhibition, Taiwan

2021  Xintai Warehouse, OMNI ART EXPO, Shanghai China

2020  NOW space "Way of Life, Weight of Life" group exhibition, Taiwan

2020  Edinburgh College of Art Illustration group exhibition (online)

2020  Scotland French Institute "La Nuit des Idées - Being Alive", UK

2019  Edinburgh Filmhouse Theatre "Italy Film Festival" group poster exhibition, UK

2018  Edinburgh Filmhouse Theatre "French Film Festival" group poster exhibition, UK


ZtoryTeller Hong Kong

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